Translate with CLI


This command translates each JSON-file from input path to the configured target languages. The result of each file will be saved in the output path.


A lot of i18n libraries have specific scanners/extractors for their implementations. This is the most conventient way to automatically have up-to-date locales.

See the following list for some extraction tools:

i18n-Library Output Format Link
Format.JS (react-intl) JSON Format.JS CLI
i18next JSON i18next Scanner
ngx-translate JSON nxg translate extract
Lingui.JS JSON Lingui.JS CLI extract
Transloco JSON Transloco CLI

You can edit and adapt the translations in your IDE or online. To store adapted translations, call simpleen upload before translating again.

Save existing/adapted translations

Save the existing/adapted translations in Simpleen with simpleen upload. All output files with the translations are loaded from your filesystem and saved with the corresponding input values.

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