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Use Simpleen to translate your software and documentation - fast and customized. You can easily machine translate i18n locales in JSON, Java properties, PHP Arrays, YAML and other commonly used formats as well as Markdown text.
Simply copy/paste your code or documentation into our Web Translator and receive instant results. Simpleen manages the correct handling of the format, the context and the glossary.
Save time and money in your multilingual projects by using Simpleen for your prototyping or to implement successful international design early on.

// en.json
  "title": "Do more with Simpleen",
  "description": "Translate your multilingual software project",
  "features": ["Glossary", "API", "Different i18n formats", "Automation"]
// es.json
  "title": "Haz más con Simpleen",
  "description": "Traducir su proyecto de software multilingüe",
  "features": ["Glosario", "API", "Diferentes formatos de i18n", "Automatización"]
# Do more with Simpleen
Translate your documentation directly
# Faire plus avec Simpleen

Traduisez directement votre documentation

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Simpleen is a localization tool to translate i18n files from your App, Game or Software.

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