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Translate PO-Files, JSON and PHP Arrays directly with the online translator.

Use Simpleen to translate your WebApp, Theme, Plugin.

Simply copy/paste your files into the Web Translator and receive instant results. Simpleen manages the correct handling of the variable interpolation and the provided format.


Laravel can be localized with PHP- or JSON files. The variables are marked with a prefixed colon, i.e. :name. These variables will not get translated, but still be provided for placements in the translations.


Wordpress works with PO-Files which are created by multiple plugins and themes. If you like to translate a whole project, we recommend using the Simpleen CLI to find all PO-Files and translate them automatically. You can also translate PO-Files directly with the online translator. The variables are provided with %s and %d in the translatio, i.e. My name is %s.

Zend / Laminas

The translations are structured in INI/Properties-files or PHP Arrays. Variable interpolation are discussed including the usage of percentage.

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// Example of PHP Array use in Laravel
  "welcome_message" => "Hi :username",
  "popular_links" => "Popular Links",
  "ecosystem" => "Ecosystem",
  "pages" => [
    "about" => "About you",
    "blog" => "Tech-Blog"
// Example of PHP Array use in Laravel
    "welcome_message" => "Bonjour :username",
    "popular_links" => "Liens populaires",
    "ecosystem" => "Ecosystème",
    "pages" => [
        "about" => "À propos de vous",
        "blog" => "Tech-Blog"

More Technologies & i18n Libraries

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Translation Benefits

Immediate translation results

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Use glossary to customize translations

Works out of the box with many i18n libraries

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Simpleen is a localization tool to translate i18n files from your App, Game or Software.

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