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The Simpleen CLI Tool for direct project integrations. Integrate machine translation into your development workflow to automatically handle the translation of i18n locales.

Currently the CLI is compatible with JSON-based i18n libraries like:

  • Format.JS (react-intl)
  • i18next
  • LinguiJS
  • ngx-translate
  • Transloco
  • Polyglot.js

This can also be combined with the i18n extractor of your i18n library which leads to continuous translations during the development workflow.


You can install the CLI globally

$ yarn add -g simpleen
$ simpleen init
$ simpleen translate

or locally:

$ yarn add -D simpleen
$ yarn run simpleen init
$ yarn run simpleen lock
$ yarn run simpleen translate

To use the CLI Tool signup on and create an authentication key. Then you can run simpleen init and answer the prompted configuration questions. In the last step you will be asked for your authentication key.

As a next step you can fix/lock the current translations with simpleen lock. The locked translations are not getting translated by machine translation.


simpleen init

Simpleen init let's you configure your i18n project. By default the configuration will be saved at ./simpleen.config.json. Use the config option to change the path and filename.

  $ simpleen init

  --config=config  [default: ./simpleen.config.json] Defines where the config file will be created

  $ simpleen init
  // Answer project questions
  Configuration ./simpleen.config.json saved

For the inputpath you can use a glob pattern to find multiple translation files if needed. For example ./src/**/en.json or ./src/en/*.json. The outputpath can be constructed with additional variables that are replaced as followed:

Variable Explanation
$locale Lowercase locale, i. e. fr for French
$LOCALE Uppercase locale, i. e. FR for French
$FILE Filename of matched translation file, i. e. ./locale/store/product.json => product
$FOLDER Folder name of matched translation file, i. e. ./locale/store/product.json => store
$EXTENSION Extension of matched translation file, i. e. ./locale/store/product.json => json

The created configuration file could look like this:

  "source_language": "EN",
  "target_languages": ["DE", "PT-BR"],
  "interpolation": "i18n",
  "input_path": "./public/locales/en/*.json",
  "output_path": "./public/locales/$locale/$FILE.json",
  "auth_key": "AUTHENTICATION_KEY"

[Deprecated - use simpleen upload] simpleen lock

Locks the current translation results. Locked translations will not be overwritten by simpleen translate. Lock the translations after manual changes and put it under version control, otherwise they are overwritten with the next run of simpleen translate. Use this command also after moving/renaming your translation files.

  $ simpleen lock

  --config=config      [default: ./simpleen.config.json] Defines where the config is located

simpleen translate

Translate the project corresponding to the configuration and in compliance with the lock file.

  $ simpleen translate

  --config=config      [default: ./simpleen.config.json] Defines where you config file is located

simpleen upload

Saves the current translation results at These are used for subsequent translations and are not counted to your quota. If you have already some parts translated, use this command before simpleen translate to save your progress. Also if you have adapted your target files, use this command to sync your changes.

  $ simpleen upload

  --config=config      [default: ./simpleen.config.json] Defines where the config is located

simpleen usage

Shows the current quota of your account. A segment is one translatable value in your JSON file.

  $ simpleen usage

  --config=config      [default: ./simpleen.config.json] Defines where the config is located

simpleen help [COMMAND]

Display help for Simpleen.

  $ simpleen help [COMMAND]

  COMMAND  command to show help for

  --all  see all commands in CLI


This version is part of an open beta of Simpleen. As a precaution please make sure that the project is under version control before running simpleen translate. Feel free to get in touch with us for feedback, discussions, improvements or tweet and blog about Simpleen.

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