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Translate Software & Documentation

Simpleen is a localization tool for developers, product managers and creators who want to translate their App, Software, Game or Documentation into other languages.

It provides a dependency-free and fast localization service that instantly translates your locale files. All text segments are stored seperately to reuse and edit them anytime.

In addition, the Simpleen CLI provides you with continuous translation results during the product development process. You can adapt your translation results directly in your locale files and sync them with Simpleen. We will use the adapted result instead of translate them again.

Why Simpleen?

Living in a small country that has four official languages we know what it means to localize software into multiple languages. It is most likely a process that will be postponed due to costs, coordination efforts and the provided texts are just not final yet.

We wanted to provide our products as early as possible in multiple languages to present them to customers, stakeholders and users which provided us with feedback and new ideas. So we started on our mission to speed up the development of multilingual projects and this is when Simpleen came to life.

What makes Simpleen a faster Localization Tool?

  • We do provide suitable, preconfigured translators for your techstack and you can copy/paste or drag/drop your files
  • We do provide machine translation for instant results
  • We keep variables/interpolations of i18n libraries
  • We selectively translate documentations
  • We do support continuous translations with the CLI
  • You can edit your locales within your IDE and upload them with one command
  • We don't need any access to your repository
In comparison to other localization solutions we focus on the product team instead of the translator. We're bringing better machine translation results and accessibility to your localization project.

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Simpleen is a localization tool to translate i18n files from your App, Game or Software.

Entirely independent & self-funded.