Getting Started


Simpleen is a localization tool to translate i18n files from a variety of libraries and technologies. Our focus is to speed up the development process in multi-lingual projects. In comparison to other solutions we focus on better machine translation results, less dependencies to our service (no hosting of translations or GIT process integrations) and we do not handle the process between translators and developers.

As a result, you can use Simpleen earlier in your project and constantly translate into multiple languages. You can also use Simpleen to kick off your translation process, however it will be designed. You will save a lot of time compared to starting from scratch.

You can edit your translations online or locally (CLI). Existing translations are merged with further translations.

Ways to use Simpleen

Depending on your needs there's different ways to use Simpleen. The easiest way is to use the online translator. The CLI brings a continuous way to translate your locales within your development process. If you like to build something on top of Simpleen, use the API.

Service What you can do
API Translate JSON with embedded formats, use all formats, solve custom challenges
CLI Save existing/adapted translations, continuous translations, translate multiple locales
Online Copy/paste locales, change glossary, edit translation results, use all formats
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Simpleen is a localization tool to translate i18n files from your App, Game or Software.

Entirely independent & self-funded.