Java Properties Format


Simpleen supports the localization of Java Properties Files.

# Properties data, comments are stored unaltered
key=string to translate
key2=more to translate

By default all strings are getting translated.

If the input includes some escaped characters (i.e. \u00E9 instead of é), the output is also escaped. To translate from Englisch to French with escaped characters just add a comment with a character.

# \u00100 -> Enforces Output as ISO-8859 with escaped characters
# Only necessary if the input doesn't have any encoded characters, i.e. English
# Getting Translated from EN->FR to accept\u00E9 instead of accepté

If the input doesn't have any escaped characters, the returned result is utf-8 encoded.

The following data types are not getting translated. They are getting returned in the result unaltered:

  • numbers (1.5, 10)
  • null
  • boolean (false, true)
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