Blog on Internationalization & Translation

How to Automate Translations of Format.JS Locales


Automate the localization of a Format.js project with machine translation. Use the CLI Integrations to combine the extraction of Format.JS and the translation with Simpleen.

How to Internationalize & Translate Your MVP


Everything your need to know about the internationalization (i18n) of your MVP. Learn how to choose a suitable i18n library as well as how and when to use translation.

The Basics of Markdown & Machine Translation


In this blog post we are going to explain the basics of markdown and how to translate markdown files with machine translation.

How to Easily Machine Translate your Java Properties File


Are you developing an i18n Spring Boot or Java application and want to know how to quickly translate your localization files?

How to Translate Locale Files Using Machine Translation


How to successfully handle (machine) translations as part of internationalization (i18n) at any point in your software project with Simpleen Translation (Beta).

Translate JSON with DeepL


Translate your JSON structure selectively with Simpleen translation and DeepL. Discover how to handle different subformats like HTML and Markdown within your data and translate them accordingly.