JSON Format


Simpleen supports JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) in different forms.

// Simple JSON Objects
    "key": "string to translate",
    "key2": "more to translate"

// Simple JSON Array
["string to translate", "more to translate"]

// Deep JSON strucutres
   "main": {
       "key": "string to tanslate",
       "key2": "more to tranlsate"

// Combination of object and array
    "product": {
        "name": "Simpleen",
        "tags": ["translation", "simple", "saas"]

By default all strings are getting translated.

The following data types are not getting translated. They are getting returned in the result unaltered:

  • numbers (1.5, 10)
  • null
  • boolean (false, true)

If you need to translate a part of your JSON data, see Selections below.


Selections are used to translate some specific parts of your JSON strucutre. They are defined as a JSON Path. This feature is optional and considered more advanced.

// Data
    "main": {
        "save": "Save",
        "delete": "Remove"
    "meta": {
        "url": "https://simpleen.io",
        "slug": "documentation"

// Selections to tranlsate only main
// $.main

The translation result is merged with the excluded data again.