Quick Start Guide

Online Translator

The online translator is easy to use and compatible with all formats. Just signup, select a preconfigured translator and copy/paste your locale files.

If you want to translate the entire file, this is the most convenient way to start.

Project Integration (CLI)

Simpleen can also be used directly on your computer to translate JSON files.


  # Install locally
  yarn add simpleen
  # or
  npm install simpleen --save

  # Install globally
  yarn global add simpleen
  # or
  npm install -g simpleen


The project configuration can be started with the command simpleen init. All selected configurations are stored in the file simpleen.config.json.

This file could look like the following:

    "source_language": "EN",
    "target_languages": [
    "interpolation": "i18n",
    "input_path": "./src/locale/en.json",
    "output_path": "./src/locale/$locale.json",

To configure a specific project structure, see project structures;

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Simpleen is a localization tool to translate i18n files from your App, Game or Software.

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