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Translate i18n Locales

Use Simpleen to translate your i18n JSON, PHP Arrays, Yaml or properties files from your software project. It can be customized with a glossary and either used directly in the Browser or via the API.

Simply copy/paste the content of your locale into our In-App Translate and receive instant results. Simpleen manages the correct handling of the format, the interpolation, the context and the glossary.

Currently supported libraries:

  • i18next
  • Format.JS / react intl
  • LinguiJS
  • vue-i18n
  • ngx-translate
  • Transloco
  • Ruby on Rails i18n
  • Java properties files
  • JSON based i18n libraries

Save time and money in your multilingual projects by using Simpleen.

  "welcome_message": "Hi {username}",
  "popular_links": "Popular Links",
  "ecosystem": "Ecosystem",
  "pages": {
    "about": "About you",
    "blog": "Tech-Blog"
  "welcome_message": "ハイ {username}",
  "popular_links": "人気のあるリンク",
  "ecosystem": "エコシステム",
  "pages": {
    "about": "あなたについて",
    "blog": "技術ブログ"

Supported Technologies & i18n Libraries

Translation Benefits

Immediate translation results

Use glossary to customize translations

Works out of the box with many i18n libraries